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novelties | Rat Fink Patches

These iron on patches (can be sewn also) are perfect for a hat or breast pocket, they are 3 - 1/2 inches high or long. The two 12 inch Rat Fink patches look great on the back of a jacket, or sweatshirt.

Black & White Skull and Cross Bones. Size 6"x4.5”

  Von Dutch Patch

Lady Luck
Patch 4"


Aces iron on patch. Size 2”x2”

Stars iron on patch. Size 3”x3”


Black Widow Spider. Size 3"x2”

Devil. Size 2"x3”


Flaming Eyeball. Size 3.5"x1”

General Lee. Size 4.5"x3”


Lone Wolf 3"x1”

Rebel Flag. Size 3.5"x2”


Rotting Skull. Size 3"x3”

Shrunken Head. Size 2"x2.5”

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